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Mastering generative AI for organizational & individual success

MagnetAI is your gateway to maximizing the potential of generative AI.

The development of generative AI technology and its impact on Canadian workers and businesses is unprecedented in its speed and scope. Those who can understand and use AI in business operations, career planning, or learning, will have a significant advantage. 

MagnetAI will boost your understanding of generative AI’s potential while also connecting you to cutting-edge tools and resources to maximize the benefits of generative AI in your work.

From curiosity to action –start your generative AI journey with MagnetAI

MagnetAI will help you translate that interest into action with free access to curated resources and learning opportunities. MagnetAI also hosts regular webinars where you can learn from and engage with technology experts and leaders across Canada. 

Wherever you are in your generative AI adoption journey, MagnetAI is your starting point to realizing AI’s benefits of greater productivity, creativity, and personal and professional growth.

Unlock the power of generative AI with expert guidance and curated resources from MagnetAI

Magnet is a centre for innovation focused on the future of work. Since 2014, we’ve worked with hundreds of partners across Canada to deploy solutions that bridge technology and social innovation to help job seekers, employers, and communities adapt to an ever-evolving labour market. 

Through the hundreds of projects we’ve led alongside government, industry associations, local chambers, Magnet boasts a unique expertise and track record in developing programs and tools that help businesses enhance their technology capacity based on their needs and goals.

MagnetAI will draw on our knowledge of engaging, understanding, and supporting businesses and individuals to help you boost your:

  • Generative AI Literacy:
    Recognizing the potential of AI and its immediate, tangible relevance to individuals and businesses of all sizes and sectors.
  • Generative AI Skills:
    Understanding potential applications of AI in talent recruitment, skills development, and workforce planning.
  • Generative AI Responsibility:
    Building familiarity with critical privacy and ethical considerations of using AI.

Maximize the potential of generative AI

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