The volume of AI-related information, courses, and tools is growing every day. For individuals and businesses, the process of understanding how AI works, what tools are available and work for their needs, and how to responsibly use those tools, can be overwhelming. 

To make your generative AI-adoption journey easier, Magnet has curated articles, courses, demonstrations, research, and tools to help you navigate the vast amount of information available. Resources have been organized based on where you are in the process of understanding and working with AI. Click on "Learn," "Adopt," or "Optimize" to discover tailored resources for your needs.


Start here if you’re still trying to understand what generative AI is, how it's impacting the way we work, and its potential benefits for individuals and organizations.


If you already have some familiarity with generative AI and how you or your organization might use it, this is where you can learn more about different tools and their use-cases.


Optimize your use of generative AI. This is where you can find information on generative AI best practices, managing ethical concerns, and building your skills with generative AI.

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